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Battery Regeneration System

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PRIME Lead-Acid Battery Regenerators (Made-in-KOREA)   

PRIME’ series have the highest quality & restoration performance, while the lowest prices!  
   Epoch-making technology in battery regeneration!     Forget all of the previous regenerators!! 
  PRIME Regeneration Technology overcomes the limitation of all existing regeneration methods!!!

What is different between Charger and Regenerator ?

* Charger : It cannot improve the capacity and life span of battery.   Even though charger made a full charge, but capacity is not more improved.   (Including all kinds of rejuvenation chargers, pulse chargers and regenerator named chargers)
* Regenerator : It can restore inside cells by melting sulfate crystal on the plates and grids, and it can improve its capacity and life span as almost similar as new battery condition.

Please note that PRIME battery regeneration technology is unprecedented innovation. The exclusive high-frequency pulse regeneration technology with our particular algorithm can be changed on the whole paradigm of battery regeneration as well as maintenance method.  


What is the PRIME Battery Regenerator?  
=> It is the most innovative machine to restore used lead-acid batteries.

1.       Can restore all kinds of lead-acid batteries (over 40Ah) if any cell was not physically damaged.  

2.       Can remove sulfate crystal on the plates entirely by the optimized real High-frequency pulse.  

3.       Can regenerate most sulfated batteries up to 90~110% capacity against new battery (Except disposal states of physical cell damages) 

4.       Can extend battery’s life spans up to 2~3 times longer and delay the battery’s aging process.  

5.       Can save much costs by battery regenerations. (No more any saved recycle item than this regeneration)  

6.       Can restore batteries without any cell damage through optimized high-frequency pulse algorithm. 

7.       Optimized charging and regeneration algorithm data allows the most efficient way of recharging. 8.       A full automatizing user interface  (No better and easier interface than PRIME machines)  

9.       Multiple-purpose machines : Regenerator, Charger, Discharger, Power Supply(Expert Mode) and Identifier.  

10.   The premium quality and performance with multiple functions, but the lowest prices. (Small Profits and Quick Returns) 


All kinds of used lead acid battery can be restored by PRIME unless body or cell was severely damaged.  If the specific gravity is low with a full charge it is because of the sulfate being deposited on the plates/grids instead of being in solution.  Changing the electrolyte or adding more acid won’t help because of the sulfate already built up on the plates. There is no way to clean the plates except possibly by using a high-efficiency battery regenerator such as PRIME series.   We have a confidence that PRIME machines are the most advanced regenerators in the world.       

  • We have a full line up of battery regenerators and dischargers to make the regeneration centers in franchise.



RPT-C200 :  6~12V Regenerator Mode(Max. 15A), Expert Manual Setting Mode (Charge), Discharge Mode(Max. 30A) and CCA(For Car battery) & Internal Resistance Checking (5-in-1).   For 6~12V all kinds of Lead-Acid Batteries, the regeneration performance will be much superior to any other products.   You can sell RPT-C200 to Battery wholesale, retail shops and Car repair shops as a battery physician.  This item will be very good for battery sellers due to the superior restoration effectiveness for feeble new batteries which lost chemical activation and over-discharged.   

RPT-C200  (5-in-1) ;   220VAC or 110VAC Single Phase      

1.  Battery Regenerator at ‘REGENERATION’ mode FOR 6V~12V, 40Ah~ 300Ah

2.  Expert Mode (6V~12V Expert’s manual setting mode of Voltage, Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries, same as a POWER SUPPLY Mode)

3.  Battery Discharger (420 Watts) at ‘DISCHARGE’ mode
4.  IR(Internal Resistance) Checking - before & after 2 ways
5.  CCA(Clod Cranking Ampere for Car Battery ONLY) Checking - before & after 2 ways  

* Mainly used for all kind
s of batteries, but mostly applied up to 300Ah of 12V Solar, UPS, Deep Cycle batteries
  * Maximum Output Current : 6V~12V = 15A
* A serial connection up to 6V x 2 (12V) batteries at the same time. (‘REGENERATION’ and ‘EXPERT’ modes)


  • The most advanced battery regenerator (Regenerator Mode)

  • Perfect desulfation performance by high-frequency pulse and charge algorithm

  • Special Battery Regenerative Power Supplier (Expert Mode)

  • Lower Current Charging for Non-used battery(Sleeping Battery) for a long time

  • Stable Digital Discharger (Discharge Mode ; Max. 30A)

  • Measurements for Voltage, Internal resistance and CCA

  • A full automation and easy to use

    * The regeneration time with any PRIME regenerator takes 15 hours including a full charge.  But any battery was already nearly full charged, the operation of PRIME will be automatically stopped earlier, regardless of its setting time (15 hours).

    *  PRIME regeneration methods are not adding any sulfuric-acid and chemical additive in any cell at all.




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Battery Regeneration System

Battery Regeneration System

Battery Regeneration System

Battery Regeneration System